All our boats and captains are Transport Canada certified which adhere to the most rigorous safety standards.

On board, we provide all fishing gear, bait, ice, fish bags and safety gear. We will clean and bag your whole fish for you. It is recommended you bring a cooler and ice in a vehicle to pack your fish home with you. Fish processing is offered by several non-affiliated local businesses, just ask us for the details.

Lunch is not provided but ice and cooler space is. A barbeque is available onboard so feel free to grill away!

Alcohol is allowed onboard commercial charter vessels that provide a Captain; so please feel welcome to bring alcoholic beverages but leave glass bottles on shore. We ask that you please respect the ocean environment and drink responsibly. It is at the skipper’s discretion to cut a trip short due to dangerous or disrespectful behavior; especially if alcohol is a contributing factor.

Base of Operations

  • Comox, BC:
    Comox is known as one of the most desirable places in the world to live. The recreational opportunities are endless. Its central location is ideal for taking day trips anywhere on Vancouver Island. There are eleven golf courses within twenty miles as well as a ski hill that boasts the biggest average snow base in North America. World-class mountain biking, many parks, rivers, lakes, caves, wineries, distilleries and of course world class sport fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • Directions
  • Accommodation:
    There are many options for accommodations in the area, everything from campgrounds to Airbnb’s to luxury accommodations are available.


Whale watching

Northern Strait of Georgia (Salish sea)

The rich waters off eastern Vancouver Island are teeming with marine wildlife.

Starting in March with the herring spawn, Steller & California sea lions move into the area around Comox, Hornby, & Denman island, in the thousands; it is quite the sight to see. Transient killer whales (also known as the Biggs Orca), follow this food source into these areas in March as well, feeding aggressively on these large marine mammals.

These transient orcas, along with the resident orca whales, move up and down the Salish Sea to feed all through the spring and summer; sometimes even taking trips out to the west coast of the island to find food.
In the late spring, the humpback whales return from their long migration spent in Mexico/ Hawaii, to feed on the herring and krill in our waters.

Over the past decade, their population has made an incredible comeback and are almost always a daily sight in the waters off Comox in summer months.

Harbor porpoises and pacific white-sided dolphins are abundant in the area, found more often in amongst the waters of the Discovery Islands off Campbell River.

Gray and minke whales are a rarer sight in these areas but sightings are not unheard of; these are generally 3-hour trips departing mid-morning or early afternoon from Comox, French Creek or Campbell River. Trips are offered March through October; peak season is May through September.

Rates for Whale watching

Private Charter for up to 5 people

  • 3-hour Morning tour (9am till Noon) $825
  • 3-hour afternoon tour (1pm till 4pm) $825
  • $150 for each additional person up to 8 total people.

Inlet Tours

The mainland inlets accessible from Comox/Campbell River areas are some of the most remote and beautiful wild areas on the planet. Tall, glacial-capped mountains feed many massive waterfalls that fall thousands of feet into ocean inlets, which were cut by glaciers thousands of years ago. Wildlife watching opportunities are also part of this experience! Whales and dolphins are a common sight in these areas; grizzly bear viewing is also available starting in mid-April, until mid-June & from mid-August until mid-October. Remote accommodation and kayaking opportunities are available in these areas during the summer months.

Day trips are Full day excursions so be prepared for all weather conditions.

Desolation sound (available for 2022)

Rated the top yachting destination in the world, Desolation Sound is truly a unique area that is a must-do on your ‘west coast adventures’ list! The trip will take you into waters protected by a group of untouched islands; you’ll also visit waterfalls and remote anchorages that scatter this area, followed by a stop in the remote village of Refuge Cove- a great place to fuel up and get a bite to eat before the journey home!

Bute and Toba Inlets (Booking for 2023)

Both Bute & Toba Inlet are very remote and offer excellent grizzly bear viewing from August 15th to October 15th.

Jervis and Princess Louisa Inlet (Booking for 2023)

Princess Louisa Inlet is at the end of Jervis Inlet, it is extremely remote. The famous Chatterbox Falls meets the ocean at the end of the inlet- a ‘must-sea’ for any yacht owner on the coast. It is accessible as a 10hr day trip from Comox, that passes Texada island, stopping in Egmont, BC for fuel before the long run up Jervis Inlet which leads to Princess Louisa Inlet.

Rates for Inlet tours

  • Subject to availability.
  • Booking into 2023.
  • Call us for more info.

What to Bring

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Raingear
  • Layered clothing
  • Water
  • Lunch
  • Drinks and snacks (no glass please!)

Fishing Charters

We put anglers in contact with the best guides; fishing the best locations on Vancouver Island. Our team brings you into saltwaters that offer world-class tidal fishing opportunities with a chance at catching some of our target species, including: 5 species of pacific salmon, pacific halibut, lingcod, rockfish, tuna, prawns and crabs.

Let us know what you like best and we will customize the trip that best suits your needs.

Fishing licenses are essential for anyone wishing to fish.

These can be purchased at most tackle shops in BC or at (*DFO license link*).

These are available as 1 day, 3day, or annual permits.

Northern Strait of Georgia (Salish sea)

This area offers year-round opportunities for chinook salmon, cod and prawns. Known for its calm, nutrient-rich waters, this area produces the most consistent chinook salmon fishing on the BC coastline.

Feeder chinook are present form the 6-15lb range all year.

Migrating chinook use the area to feed aggressively, on their way to their natal streams to spawn, from May through September; ranging from 12s-30lbs, or more, on rare occasions.

Salmon are found in deeper waters ranging from 120-300ft; our common fishing spots along the Georgia Straight are recommended for those wishing to experience the ocean environment with their families, without the large swells and rugged conditions of the open ocean found on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

These trips are offered as day trips or as packages, including accommodation by request.

Inlet tours and wildlife watching can be added to a package as well. Humpback and killer whales are a common sight while fishing on the Salish Sea.

Rates for Northern Strait of Georgia (Salish sea)

Private Charter for up to 4 people:

  • Half day (6 hours) $850 (CND)
  • Full day (8 hours) $1100 (CND)
  • Additional person $50 (CND)

*6 people max*

Westcoast Vancouver Island

This area offers seasonal fishing during the summer months from June through September for chinook salmon, pacific halibut, ling cod, albacore tuna and a variety of rockfish and sole.

This area is known for its rugged rocky shorelines and big offshore swells.
Migrating salmon move through these rugged shorelines in waves feeding aggressively on their way to their natal streams; they are found in shallow waters ranging from 30ft to 100ft which makes for the most exciting fights!

Chinook salmon will take long runs once hooked along the surface, thrashing about wildly! Offshore, the salmon are found at depths ranging from 100ft to 300ft; accidental catches of halibut and other bottom fish are quite common at these depths.

Jigging is the most popular method for bottom fishing and setting anchor + bait bag are also very common methods for drawing these fish in.

West coast trips are offered as 4-day packages that generally include accommodation and meals.

Customized packages are available for those with accommodations already in place.

Rates for Westcoast Vancouver Island 6 people max

4-day fishing-only packages starting at $6000 (CND)

Accommodation extra, price dependent on area and availability.

*6 people max*


Important Notes:

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required during peak season to reserve your spot.
    This applies to cancellations within 6 months of your booking date. This does not apply to cancellations up to the 6-month deadline or due extreme weather, mechanical issues, guide illness or pandemic restrictions, in which case you will be offered your choice to rebook or a refund.
  • Fuel surcharges will apply if fuel increases more than 25% from the previous season.
  • Rates subject to government sales tax: currently at 5%
  • Payment accepted by cash, debit card, e-transfer, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Credit Cards are subject to a 2% fee.

Rates for Whale watching

Private Charter for up to 5 people:

  • 3-hour Morning tour (9am till Noon) $825
  • 3-hour afternoon tour (1pm till 4pm) $825
  • $150 for each additional person up to 8 total people.

Rates for Inlet tours

  • Subject to availability.
  • Currently booking for 2022 & 2023 tours.
  • Call us for more info.

Rates for Northern Strait of Georgia (Salish sea)

Private Charter for up to 4 people:

  • Half day (6 hours) $850 (CND)
  • Full day (8 hours) $1100 (CND)
  • Additional person $50 (CND)

*6 people max*

Rates for West Coast Vancouver Island 6 people max

  • 4-day fishing-only packages starting at $6000 (CND)
  • Accommodation extra, price dependent on area and availability.